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Gordon Hendrick's Biography

Gordon Hendricks was born in 1971 in Stoke on Trent, the heart of the china industry In the UK - the birthplace of Robbie Williams, Josiah Wedgwood, Reginald Mitchell and Arnold Bennett to name a few.

At a very early age he had a leaning to and love of music, some say brainwashed by his family's choices and in particular Elvis Presley. Gordon became a fan of Elvis and his music for as long as he can remember, and as he got to know more about the man and his music, he came to understand why Elvis was called "The King". After listening to his sisters recordings of Elvis, Gordon became interested in the late 60's and early 70's songs. He played the CDs constantly and began to sing along. As he matured, people often remarked on how similar his voice sounded to Elvis'.

Gordon has had no formal training, and his early experience came from karaoke with his friends. He was asked to sing two Elvis songs at a local nightclub for a ladies birthday; the owner of the club was so impressed he sent him away to get an act together and then come back for a booking, which he did. His first full performance was a tribute to Elvis in 2003, where he found the audience response to be overwhelming and he continued to work in local pubs and clubs.

In 2005 Gordon shot to fame by winning the 2005 Grand Final of "Stars In Their Eyes" on terrestrial TV by a record number of votes and a viewing audience of over 12 million. Gordon's performance so impressed award winning Song Writer Geoff Morrow that he signed Gordon to his Yellow Records label. Geoff Morrow has written hit songs for Elvis, Barry Manilow, The Carpenters, Billy Fury and many many more but when he saw Gordon's performance he was moved to state:

Over the years I have heard many Presley impersonators but when Gordon started to sing I actually shivered.

Geoff Morrow, Song Writer for Elvis Presley

Geoff penned five songs for Elvis, four of which he recorded. The fifth song, "Where Would I Be" , was written in 1977 but unfortunately Elvis died before he could record it. "Where Would I Be" was recorded by Gordon and was released in Autumn 2006.

Gordon has gone on to achieve a childhood ambition, working with Elvis' original drummer D J Fontana and the incredible Sweet Inspirations at the "The World's Greatest Elvis in Concert", starring Shaun Klush from the USA, held in the UK at Bolton Arena August 2008. Following that win in 2005, Gordon went on to performing in concerts all over the UK and Europe with many appearances on TV, his career and vocal ability just blossomed.

On Saturday 8th January 2011, Gordon won the 'European Elvis Champion 2011' in association with Elvis Presley Enterprises and then had the honor of appearing in Memphis where he was seen performing by John Wilkinson who complemented Gordon as quoted:

He has the looks of Elvis, He moves like Elvis and he sounds like Elvis - he has my vote any day.

John Wilkinson, Elvis' guitarist - 1968 to 1977

His career has just gone from strength to strength, and in 2013, Gordon realised his dream by celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the satellite broadcast of "Aloha from Hawaii" (originally broadcast to the world on the 14th January 1973 to over 1 billion people), by presenting a full theatre production of this show along with 20 musicians and singers, which was premiered in Lichfield on Saturday 19th January 2013. This show has never been presented in the UK before, and gives the fans the opportunity to share with Gordon, and his 20 musicians & singers, the magic that Elvis performed 40 years ago. Gordon's presentation is astonishing close to the original, with a full "Jose Guercio" sound-alike orchestra, complete with "The Sweet Inspirations" and "JD. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet " (not forgetting Elvis' Lady Soprano "Kathy Westmoreland"), this was a major theatre production, superlatively choreographed and brilliantly engineered to perfection! This show toured Nationally in the UK in autumn 201, had a sellout show at Stokes Regent Theatre and culminated with a sellout show on 16th August 2015 in the indigo at The O2 in London.

In 2013 Gordon won the ETA competition in Tweed, Canada and represented them in Memphis in August 2014 at The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

On Saturday 26th July 2014, Gordon took to the stage at the Collingwood Elvis Festival and performed "You Gave Me A Mountain" and "American Trilogy", which provoked a standing ovation from the 3000 Elvis fans and resulted in him being crowned 2014 Grand Champion. The Collingwood Elvis Festival, Canada is the largest festival in the World and celebrated its 20th Anniversary with the first ever attendance at an Elvis Festival by Priscilla Presley.

Following the festival, Gordon then went to Nashville to sign a recording contract with Jerry Foster who along with Bill Rice wrote many international hit numbers for Charley Pride, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Hank Williams Jnr and many more country stars. Over 7 days, Gordon recorded a selection Jerry's songs for a CD entitled "Stirring Up Feelings" which has been released worldwide. The title track "Stirring Up Feelings" was written for Elvis and in fact, he flew to Nashville to record the track but was taken ill and never had chance to return to Nashville, due to his ill health and untimely death. Jerry is yet another Artist / composer who has worked with Elvis and believes Gordon's voice, looks and moves are the closest you will ever see and hear to Elvis.

In 2015 Gordon returned to Collingwood and starred in the arena show in front of 3000 Elvis fans and returned again in 2016 - he is now extremely popular in Canada and has his own concert in Hamilton on 16th July prior to starring at the Collingwood Elvis Festival 2016. On his return from Canada he then stared at the Elvis Festivalen, Maloy, Norway and late 2016 saw him appearing in Spain, Portugal and the UK.

When Elvis was in the Army, he was based at Freidberg, Germany, where he also met Priscilla, and on February 25th 2016, the town celebrated 800 years and the organizers not only had a video message from Priscilla, congratulating them and reminiscing on the part Freidberg played in her and Elvis' life, but of all the Elvis performers in the World, the organizers booked Gordon to appear at their Civic Ceremony of Celebration! Initially, it was only for one number but he was requested back to the stage for 5 further numbers to a rapturous reception, to which the local newspaper commented "...Gordon Hendricks took to the stage and some rubbed their eyes and hardly believed what they heard - he looks like Elvis, moves like Elvis and sings like Elvis!"

To this day, Gordon continues to entertain people all over the World with his shows, which keeps the memory of Elvis very much alive. He has received accolade after accolade for his performances and concerts - it's as if Elvis himself is on that stage. Maybe, just maybe he is.


"He has the looks of Elvis, He moves like Elvis and he sounds like Elvis - he has my vote anyday."

John Wilkinson, Elvis' guitarist - 1968 to 1977

"I think he just keeps getting better and better. Your show is a nice devotion to keeping Elvis memory alive and well."

Charles Stone, Tour Manager for Elvis Presley

"Gordon Hendricks is not the king in new clothes, he offers a 21st century rendition of the phenomenon which was Elvis Presley. His music bridges his own unique style with the songs that Elvis loved, and in some cases never actually recorded."

Mike Adams, BBC Broadcaster & Writer

"…giving a storming rendition of all of Presley's much loved and best known hits…
…delivered with a near perfect imitation…
…In short he has star quality in his own right."

The Sentinel Newspaper

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