Collingwood 2016 Was a Massive Success!

Gordon recently got a fantastic response from the brilliant people who attended the Collingwood Elvis Festival this August. Wendy King caught up with Gordon and showed her appreciation:

Gordon’s Hamilton Ontario Canada show July 16th 2016—its literally taken me a couple of days to think it all through and make sense of what we all heard and saw. First of all, I admit to complete jealousy to my British friends who get the chance to see his shows more than once or twice a year although I am appreciative of what we get, too! So the “Spirit of Elvis” show was almost 3 hours long and left us wanting more. That, in itself, is so unusual. Everyone could have listened for another 3 hours.

It had everything from gospel and inspirational to the early songs to a leather and Vegas set and then those fabulous gems that are so overlooked like “Tender Feelings” “Kuipo” and “Please Don’t Stop Loving Me” which should be Gordon’s unofficial theme song. Stunning it was like a roller coaster of emotion.

The crowd was laughing, squealing, crying and being silent – trying to drink it all in. I wanted to freeze frame the moments and play them back in my mind.

For me it’s rare to have a concert be such an overall “experience”.

Gordon is just so natural – like Elvis’ moves and voice are now pretty much his own, if that makes sense. I guess they are. He does it with such ease. With such audience awareness and with such good humour. I have two rules for ETA’s – they have to love and respect Elvis first and second portray him with class and accuracy.

If I heard it once I heard it 50 times on Saturday night “OMG” he is the best I have ever seen. So, so thankful God and I think Elvis let our paths cross in this life, I am richer for it.

Wendy King

Thanks to everyone who was there to support Gordon once again at an exhilarating show at Collingwood.

Wendy King & David Regan Hamilton 2016
Wendy King & David Regan Hamilton 2016